Available for Rental

Maji Pictures’ underwater camera and equipment is available for rental. Contact Braden for more information or make a booking inquiry.

Canon Cameras & Housing

Canon 5D Mark II and Ikelite Underwater Housing ports to accommodate:

  • Cannon 8-15mm f/4L USM Fisheye lens
  • 16mm to 35mm T2.8L USM
  • Canon 20mm EF F2.8
  • Canon 50mm EF F1.4
  • Canon 100mm F2.8 macro

GoPro HD 3 Black with LCD Display and underwater housing and tray with housing.

Canon 5D M2 & Ikelite Camera Housing
Ikelite Camera Housing
Nikon AW 1 Underwater Camera

If you are just looking for something quick and easy to take fun photos with, the Nikon 1 AW1 is perfect for photos of kids or video in the pool.

This camera is for rent at an affordable rate so you can test out the underwater picture-taking scene but still get some great results. This camera is good to 15m or 49” and shoots in raw format with a vast array of picture profiles to choose from.

More information on the Nikon 1 AW1

Picture with Nikon AW 1
Sony A7S II Camera & Nauticam Housing

This new up grade to the Sony A7 series of camera is know mainly for its low light sensitivity and its ability to record 4K in camera. Housing accommodates both the A7S II and the A7R II.

More information on the Sony A7 series


  • Nauticam NA-A7II Housing for Sony A7S II or A7R II cameras (more info)
  • Small HD 502 Monitor (more info)
  • Nauticam NA-5902H Housing for monitor (more info)

The Nauticam NA-5902H Housing has the ability to provide SDI video signal to the surface for directors or cinematographers.

Cinematographer Greg Middleton csc, uses the Nauticam Housing with the Sony A7S ii.
Mangrove VC-4L6X Video Light

Aditech proudly announces the new MANGROVE VC-4L6X specially designed for underwater video and photo is supplied with one Solid-State LED module emitting a staggering 6750 lumens. Featuring two output levels, the 50W light can dim from high to medium power output levels allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment. Sun-similar light in 16:9 illuminating with approx. 100° reflected beam angle


  • Long Burn Time
  • High Brightness – 6750 lumens
  • Integrated Battery and Lighting Head
  • Superior water penetration and colour contrast
  • Excellent Colour Rendition
  • >50,000 hours average LED lifetime
  • Simple magnetic switch operation
  • Depth rated to 200 m ( 660 feet)


  • The Mangrove VC-4L6X is designed to work as the primary video lighting for any underwater video, digital still or digital SLR system.
  • A perfectly diffused 100 degree beam underwater provides even coverage from macro to wide angle.
  • Near daylight 5000º Kelvin colour temperature ensures the most true, natural tones especially when combined with ambient light in seascapes.
  • The light head’s powerful 6750 lumen beam may be reduced to Low (60%) power setting to fine-tune exposure and extend battery life.
  • A compact and ergonomic design features a large power switch on the back of the light.
  • The heavy-duty and reliable magnetic switch is within easy reach and features click-stops to indicate power setting by feel.
  • Adapters for flex or rigid arms are available for mounting the VC-4L6X video light. Flex Arm are super-lightweight for travel and easy to adjust. The Ball Socket Arm is heavy duty with standard 1″ (2.5cm) diameter ball ends. The ball arm system is compatible with arm systems from several manufacturers.
Mangrove Light battery pack
Mangrove Light Charger
Dive Rite Dive Lite
Dive Rite Dive Lite
1 x 1 Lite Panel & Micro Pro
  • Hydroflex MicroPro
  • Hydroflex Seasun 1 x 1 Lite Panel (bi-colour with dimmer)
  • Sola Photo/Video 1200 Light
1 x 1 Lite Panel & Micropro
1 x 1 Lite Panel & Micropro
1 x 1 Lite Panel can be held by the handles
1 x 1 Lite Panel can be held by the handles
1 x 1 Lite Panel can be adjusted
1 x 1 Lite Panel can be adjusted
Micropro has a dimmer dial
Micropro has a dimmer dial
Micropro (back)
Micropro (back)
Shooting with 1 x 1 Lite Panel
Shooting with 1 x 1 Lite Panel
Shooting without 1 x 1 Lite Panel
Shooting without 1 x 1 Lite Panel

Need more equipment than this? Check out Local Camera Equipment & Light Rentals

Cuda 400 Underwater Scooter

This scooter is durable scooter that can be used in underwater filmmaking applications (I’ve used it to simulate a shark fin moving in the water) or for divers or free divers who are experienced with underwater scooters and just want to have some fun or take some video but don’t want to invest in the scooter.

Website link: www.dive-xtras.com/cuda-400


Depth Rating 600ft; 180m
Weight 42lbs; 19kg
Thrust 71lbs; 32kg
Max Speed 266ft/min; 81m/min
Range at Max Speed/Max Drag 1.1 miles; 1.8km
Run Time at Max Speed/Max Drag 21 min
Cruise Range (150ft/min; 45m/min) 3.1 miles; 5km
Run Time at Cruise Speed 111 min


Battery Chemistry NiMh
Battery Voltage 41V
Battery Capacity Nominal 10.0Ah 400Wh
Cells 34 D Cells
Charger 110/240V
Charge Time 4.5 hours
Bombardier SeaDoo
  • Dive propulsion vehicle designed for scuba divers, snorkelers, and water enthusiasts
  • Propels user at speeds of up to 2.5 miles per hour; rated for depths of 100 feet
  • Waterproof circuitry protects internal electronics from accidental flooding
  • Run time of 2 hours per charge with normal use; adjustable buoyancy control

Measures 23.5 x 14.6 x 12.2 inches (W x H x D); weighs 18 pounds; 180-day warranty

Bombardier SeaDoo