Braden Haggerty | Underwater Camera Operator

Braden Haggerty is a Vancouver filmmaker specializing in underwater photography work since 1993. She has her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Film Production from Concordia University in Montreal. It was a love of being in the water that steered her towards a career in underwater filmmaking. With years of experience she is able to offer up viable solutions for filming underwater sequences. Whether operating camera or working with talent Braden continues to love all aspects of her work.

Braden also enjoys helping those new to underwater shooting get started in the right direction. She has consulted with several stills photographers to help get them through their first underwater shoots successfully by offering tips and insight on everything from equipment to pools and what to wear. As well, those just looking for some advice on the logistics of filming underwater are always welcome to talk with Braden on the specifics of their projects.

In her spare time is training in kick-boxing and yoga to stay in shape and exploring the world of free diving (breath hold) to further her underwater skills. Braden is also developing her own brand of photography under Braden Haggerty Photography, which will be a collection of her underwater photographic interpretations. She also balances being a mom to two athletic teenaged boys who keep her busy with their many activities.

Braden’s underwater filming credits include Smallville, Elektra, Supernatural, Are We Done Yet, Breaking Dawn and Once Upon A Time.

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“I love the variety of water environments – pools, lakes, oceans, ponds – and all the challenges they bring.”