God’s Pocket

God’s Pocket is a little piece of paradise located at the Northern End of Vancouver Island. I have gone there twice and both times I stayed at God’s Pocket Resort with Sea Kayak Adventures which is owned by Annie and Bill. I have enjoyed some of my favourite dive adventures and accommodations there.

Dusk view of God's Pocket resortPhoto by Gary Luhm

This year was I went on a five day adventure doing three dives a day and it was just amazing. There is so much to see up there. The most well known spot is Browning Wall and it is an internationally known destination.

Tiny Orange Sea AnenomeTiny Orange Sea Anenome

God's Pocket

My favourites from this dive were the Hooded Nudibranchs. I got some great shots.

Swimming Hooded Nudibranch
I really liked these nudibranchs swimming. They looked like horses.




I printed some on aluminum and put up the first prints on my wall.

I will be going back to God’s Pocket in April and cannot wait! Wolf Eels, Decorated War Bonnets and much more await.

Decorated War Bonnet

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