Maternity Photo Shoots: Family Portraits at the Beach & Intimate Portraits at Home

Just catching the last of the warm summer days in a maternity photo shoot for some friends of mine. The family of three and I decided on doing an outdoor shoot in natural surroundings, and so we headed to Jericho to enjoy the beach and sun.  Later on in the week, I did an intimate portrait session with only the mother in the privacy of their home.

We were really lucky with our timing for the photo shoot at Jericho Beach. The day turned out to be gorgeous and warm.


The photo shoot lasted for about 3 hours. I began with doing some actor headshots for my friend’s daughter.  Although the young model and I had just met, we got along great and went off on our own. We were able to get some really nice shots in a very short period of time.

Next, we moved into the maternity shoot. It was a really fun shoot and everyone was relaxed, and enjoying family time. I like this one where we made my friend’s daughter come join in on the fun.  After her headshot session, she had run off to play in the sand and we called her back.  She is still photogenic even with a slight grimace on her

Later on during the week, as a surprise for her husband,  I did a private shoot for my friend with studio lights at her house. It was really fun as I pretended to be a hair person, and to our delight, I turned out to be good at it.  I managed to arrange her hair dramatically and brushed down flyaways.  We got some great shots, and I think her husband was happy with the results.

I really like the peacefulness of the photo below. The sort of calm before the storm, I guess. But she knows all about that already! My very best to the family as they grow.


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