Remembering Summer: Photographing Children’s Baseball Games

Well summer this year was all about baseball, baseball, and BASEBALL!  It was great fun. I learned alot about shooting this summer, and next year I will be doing sport photography for clients. I will be offering portraits and custom album books for families that feature their children engaged in sports.

I was looking through some of my favourite shots and want to share a few photos of my kids playing baseball.


I love this one of Luca pitching. I like it for the point of view. I was able to get right in front and capture that brief moment just before he throws the ball.

For Declan, I did a series I call Hit, Pop, Stop, Drop, Run. This series shows the action sequence of Declan running from second to third base. It is an example of what I include in children’s sport album books. Sequential shots of critical moments are really important in sport photography because they highlight and preserve the child’s love of the game.


Declan is on second base.


His teammate hits the ball.


He runs, looks up, see’s that it is a pop.


He sees the fielder drop the ball.


Declan runs off to third base!

I love the dirt on his pants and the bits of mud kicking up off the ground!

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