Author Photo Shoots for Billie Livingston

Billie CU Photographing authors are fun. I have done two sessions for my friend and colleague, Billie Livingston, a published Canadian author. On the left is a shot from a few years back. Recently we did some new ones and they came out great.

The fun thing about doing author photo shoots is that portraits are less specific than headshots so you can play around with them more. Of course it is also fun to play around with headshots and nowadays, with the emphasis on creating distinctive online presences, there are opportunities to use shots of different poses than just the standard inclined headshot.

Billie with faded film effects (Nik Tools) The image on the right is from our recent photo session. I used a Nik Tools Faded Film Effect for fun. I like a soft palette with a subtle warm tone.

After a photo shoot, Billie makes her picks and then I touch up the ones she feels needs slight colour changes, cropping or other touch ups. I give Billie a disk of photos from the shoot, which serves as her photo library, and she can pull photos whenever she needs one. She can use the photos for a new book jacket, a website, or promotional print or online material. Some of my photos of Billie ended up in the Globe and Mail which made me feel really good! It’s great to read about Billie in the news and I am so proud of her.

Billie is based in Vancouver, B.C. and she is the author of several books. Her most recent book, One Good Hustle is published by Random House Canada and is out now. One Good Hustle has been very well received and I wish Billie much success with her new book!

Billie’s website can be found at

Below is another photo from our recent photo shoot. I touched it up just slightly to create a dark to light centre and a hazy feeling around the borders.


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